Rider Information

The 2019 season will be divided into 3 different race types:

1) Men’s Championship Races
In 2019 the Men’s GC consists of 5 races. We believe by lowering the number of GC races
the battle for the GC will be more exciting. The format of these races will be: 3 qualifying
heats and 1 big final. So no more A & B races. Wait! What? That’s right: the best 16 riders of
each heat qualify for the final race. We expect the battle to be intense in both the heats and the

2) Women’s Championship Races
Just like the Men’s GC also the Women’s GC consists of 5 races. All these races are women
only races. So no more combined men and women races in 2019, which didn’t attract
enough female riders in recent years. It’s allowed though to compete in all Men’s races on
dates where there’s no Women’s GC race planned

3) Practice Races
In these races no points can be won for the GC. These races are mainly meant for practicing
race skills and tactics. And to gain the necessary race experience for those who are new to
fixed gear racing. Races will be divided into the good old A and B category. Basically it’s up
to the rider whether he will race the A or B race, although the final call is on the race
organization. There’s a good chance we will try out some different race formats at these

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