JUNE 22: Haarlem Crit


H.N. Werkmanweg 1, 2031BA Haarlem

There are usually enough free parking spaces around the course

17:00 | Registration / numbers* pick up / chips pick up and technical inspection for all riders. IMPORTANT: make sure your bike has been checked before registration

18:00 | Registration only for B-racers (shortly closed for A-racers)
18:10 | Registration is closed
18:15 | 10 mins. warm up on race course
18:30 | START B RACE

19:15 | Non-fixed criterium
19:15 | Registration re-opened for A-racers

20:45 | Registration is closed
20:45 | 10 mins. warm up on race course (estimation, wait for our sign)
21:00 | START A RACE

22:00 | Podium for all categories

*) Race / Aero numbers cost € 5 and are valid the whole season. Purchase at registration desk.

B Race: 19 Laps
A Race: 24 Laps

http://nlcrit2019.eventbrite.com/, € 8 for early birds, € 10 for normal tickets, € 15 for on race day tickets

A KNWU license can be bought for € 24 – valid for one whole year – via this link: https://mijnknwu.knwu.nl/mijnknwu/index.php
1 day licenses can be bought on race day for € 5

We use MyLaps chips. You can buy one at our desk for EUR 35,- with a one year subscription

►RACE RULES: We have some essential updates this season, read our rule book here: http://bit.ly/nlcritseries_rulebook_2019

Keep yourself posted via this event page and our website www.nlcritseries.com